The Calming Actions of Anemone Pulsatilla, Nepeta, and Rauvolfia
Jill Stansbury
Paul R Saunders
David Winston


Herbal remedies


PulsatillaNepeta, and Rauvolfia are important therapeutic agents with nerve-calming effects. Although not as strong as anxiolytic drugs, these herbal remedies are gentle and safe treatments for anxiety and insomnia. They can improve sleep, reduce mood swings and irritability, and moderate the stress-induced ‘fight-or-flight’ state. Theoretical concerns regarding adverse combination with alcohol or other psychoactive drugs have not been confirmed by clinical or scientific studies. The onset of depression must be monitored carefully when prescribing Rauvolfia to pre-disposed patients; however, this side effect does not appear to occur as commonly or severely as previously cited in the literature.



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